Brothers Bar and Grill

Drink: $1 Wells, $2 Calls, $1 Domestic Drafts, $3 Premium Drafts, $3 32oz Long Islands, $4 Vegas Bombs

Event: DJ

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Food: $5.49 Chicken Sandwiches and Burgers

Drink: $4 Off Local

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Crazy Horse
Drink: $3 Martinis, Cosmos, Manhattans and Long Islands, $2.75 Bud & Bud Light Bottles

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Kilroy's on Kirkwood
Drink: $3 Long Islands, $3 Triple Well Drink, $3 32oz Bud and Bud Lt Mini Pitchers

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Kilroy's Dunnkirk
Event: $3 Thursday, DJ

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Kilroy's Sports Bar
Drink: $3 Thursday

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Mother Bear's Pizza
Drink: $9.95 Large Pitcher

Event: Early Bird Special 4pm-6pm: 10′ or 14′ Pizza with at least one topping and get a free order of bread sticks or cheese bread AND free soft drink with your order

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Scotty's Brewhouse
Drink: $4 3WM Pints, $4 Pints

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The Back Door

Drink: $3 Pints, $3 Wells

Event: Band/Event Night

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The Irish Lion
Drink: $6 Durty Nellies- Ireland’s Answer to the Iced Tea

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Upland Brewing Co.

Drink: $3.25 16 oz., $11 60 oz. Pitcher, $10 Growler fill

Event: Beer of the Day: Bad Elmer’s Porter

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